An electronic invoice and reporting mobile app for microbusinesses

5 Months
Android, iOS and Web

Project Details

  • January 2016

    • Project Kickoff
    • Sprint 0 and MVP scope definition
  • February 2016

    • Sprint 1
    • Sprint 2
  • March 2016

    • Sprint 3
    • Sprint 4
  • April 2016

    • Alpha Testing
  • May 2016

    • Sprint 5
    • Beta Testing
The Opportunity

To help micro businesses, freelancers and professionals complying with all finance regulations, while providing a simple and agile management tool without falling into complex and expensive tools.

The Outcome

A web and mobile apps, which truly put the users in the center of experience, allowing them to take control of their accounting information and learn along the way.

The impact

Facturatio helped reducing the information overload, speeding up invoicing processes and giving users an option according to their real needs without falling into out-sized and expensive systems. It helped taxes contributors to learn about how regulations impact their business and shed light on the basic accounting concepts that anyone should know.