Make the loyalty rewards go the extra mile.

Project Details

5 Months
  • January 2017

    • Project Kickoff
    • Sprint 0 and MVP scope definition
  • February 2017

    • Sprint 1
    • Sprint 2
  • March 2017

    • Sprint 3
    • Sprint 4
  • April 2017

    • Sprint 5
    • Sprint 6
  • May 2017

    • Sprint 7
    • Sprint 8
    • Launched to market
The Opportunity

To help frequent fliers get a chance of redeeming their unused miles and points on digital products.

The Outcome

A web app to let members accessing online gaming platforms where they can use their miles and points to play games. Members can play fantasy sports, social games, fun tournaments, arcade, skill and puzzle games, and participate in sports-related contests and promotions or acquire digital products such as PC Games or other digital products and subscriptions.

The impact

Frequent fliers and loyal customers accumulate rewards through their favorite brands. Airlines and other loyalty providers reduce liabilities quickly and effectively while enhancing brand awareness and delivering lot of fun to their customers.