The Airports private currency

5 Months
Android and iOS

Project Details

  • July 2019

    • Project Kickoff
    • Sprint 0 and MVP scope definition
  • August 2019

    • Sprint 1
  • September 2019

    • Sprint 2
  • October 2019

    • Sprint 3
    • Beta Testing
  • November 2019

    • Sprint 4
    • Launched to market
The Opportunity

To help airports converting sporadic passengers into regular customers inside and outside, centralizing all loyalty programs into one global currency.

The Outcome

A mobile app that let passengers exchange frequent flyer miles to Aeros currency allowing them to buy in stores inside or outside the Airport. It also gives the users information about their trips, including flights and airports, among others.

The impact

Aeros is the first Airport currency created and made available globally. Currently is being progressively deployed in different airports in South America.